Dance League is turning 5 years old! To celebrate we have launched a new website, added a new city (Lake Tahoe) and have a big announcement coming this week about Orlando, summer 2018. A new experience.
What have we learned?
After five years we have learned many things. One of the biggest lessons is having a mission and sticking to it. Dance League is a boutique dance convention which gives us the opportunity to be different in our approach and more significant in our classes. We train dancers by bringing great master teachers to our events. They offer classes that are relevant and useful in today’s dance world. They are professionals that keep their skills sharp by continually working their craft. Currently Dance League’s season runs January through April. This allows us to offer a faculty that can fit with our mission and time to work in entertainment. Another bonus in keeping our dates limited, we see more diversity from dancers traveling out of their area to compete. Very valuable for a studio.
The Company
Dance League company has been our pride and joy. Our program gets stronger every year because we see better ways in delivering great opportunities for growth. These are great kids who become part of our family. These dancers get to experience the dance world as a professional in training. Life lessons while making lifelong friends. We love our company members. Become one in season 5! |Learn More | Audition Now
In Closing
If you are a returning client, we welcome you back with excitement. If are joining us for the first time, we will work hard to earn your support. We are so excited to start on our 5th season! Check out the new site and please subscribe to our newsletter.