1603, 2020

Coronavirus Update for Dance League Clients

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Dear Leaguers, During the weekend we have received more information regarding restrictions in travel and social gatherings due to COVID-19. LA City and other cities across the US have imposed new restrictions as of today. [...]

1003, 2020

Dance League Quick Tips

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Dance League Quick Tips Today's Quick Tips comes from our musical theater master, Eric Stretch. He is a riot!


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Dance League's Pricing

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What is Dance League?

Dance League Conventions is a two day event that hosts multiple master dance teachers in various styles. Attendees can expect 5 hours per day of classes in many styles of dance, including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop and Contemporary. After classes end competition begins. Studios and independents compete against each other and are judged by the teachers they took class from. Awards are given out in multiple levels. Scholarships are available to students who audition during class time.

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Phone: 888-541-9722

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Desiree Robbins - President/CEO * Michael Binikos - CFO

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