Dance League Company

Dance League Company is a special program for selected students to travel and train on tour.  Those selected to be Dance League Company members are joining an elite group of dancers. All Company Members will not only be training with our amazing Dance League faculty, they will also be a part of our team. Company members will see how a tour works and establish important contacts in the dance world. Our program will enrich their training on all levels, while getting hands-on experience. We have the highest expectations for our company and expect each dancer to excel. Dance League is a national convention and competition.

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Basic Guidelines

Those selected to be Dance League company members are an elite group of dancers.  All Company Members will not only be training with our amazing Dance League faculty, you will also be a part of our team. Company members will see how a tour works and establish important contacts in the dance world that will serve you the duration of your career. You will enrich your training on all levels while getting hands-on experience in industry-related skills.  We have the highest expectations for you and expect each dancer to excel in your position as a company member.  Below are some of each company member’s requirements and responsibilities.

  1. Dance League company members must be at least 12 years old.  Dance League “Lil’ Leaguers” must be at least 9 years old.

  2. Must attend 2 cities yearly.

  3. Required to take company classes and assist at conventions under the discretion of the Dance League faculty.

  4. Required company fee and purchase of Dance League warm-up suit.

  5. Will perform at Dance League conventions, Summer Championship, and other special events.

  6. Choreography will be sent out in video form for each dancer to download and learn. Some will be set in sessions throughout the season with industry professionals/faculty members.

  7. Rehearsals will be held in each city during the Dance League tour. Times and other information will be posted on the website or on the company Facebook Page.

  8. Work with Dance League staff during registration and competition.

Code of Conduct

  1. You are there to assist the faculty only if they ask you to. Otherwise, you are there to improve your dance training and set an example for other dancers.

  2. Never chew gum on stage.

  3. Dance on stage like you are always performing. NO MARKING!

  4. Demonstrate good manners. Be courteous and pleasant. Remember clients recognize you even if you don’t know them.

  5. Be on time to all classes, rehearsals and other weekend responsibilities.

  6. No smoking or drinking. Underage participation in these activities will not be tolerated.

  7. Please abide by a curfew. Don’t hang out in the lobby and hallway areas all night.

  8. You may be asked to be in the faculty show. This is not guaranteed. This is a privilege not a right.

  9. When helping at the competition, please be aware of others. Don’t cluster and hang out at workstations.

  10. Smile and look approachable in all areas of the convention.

  11. Each member is in charge of his/her own parental supervision at convention. However, during rehearsals, class, and competition, you will be under the supervision of Company Director Desiree Robbins and all other Dance League faculty members.


Participants will be responsible for food, lodging, and travel expenses. Dance League company members will pay $250 per year .  This includes company classes, master classes with guest choreographers, and choreography sessions. Participants will receive free tuition to every Dance League Convention of the current calendar year.  Each member will also purchase company cover-ups for $125.


Each company member will be advised before the convention weekend what to bring/purchase for costuming.  Please check the Dance League Company Facebook page for updates.

Class Dress Code

  • Please have a neat and clean appearance while at the convention.

  • If you are assisting on stage, no over-sized cover-ups.

  • Make sure you have the correct shoes for each style of dance.

  • Remember clean simple lines always look best.

  • Make sure your hair is not in your face while you are dancing.

  • When leaving the classroom, make sure you are covered appropriately.

Competition Dress Code

Please bring a dressy outfit each weekend. This is what you will wear if you help out at competition. Preferably dark colors for when you have to work inside the showroom.